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Honey Pot (Medium)

European hand carved honey pot made of lightweight wood. 

Mini Elm Wood Stools

Mini vintage elm wood stools.  Rustic, perfect for shelves or used as a riser.

Wood Water Jug - Medium

Rustic, natural colored patina wood jugs used for carrying water or milk.  Each jug is unique.  May not be water tight. 

Elm Wood Benches

Rustic elm wood benches, previously used in school houses.  Sizes vary from approximately 48"-61" Long x 4.5"-5.5" Wide x 18"-20" Tall. This item can not be shipped and is available for...

Small Vintage Pots

Beautiful rustic pots with matte finish.  Black/gray in color. Pots range in size from 5.5' tall - 6.5" tall.  Measurements are approximate. Please allow me to choose one for you.

Fire Extinguisher Can

Heavy duty metal can perfect for long stem flowers.  Originally used to cover a fire extinguisher.  These cans are very rustic and sturdy.  Measures approximately 10.5" Diameter x 16.5" Tall.

Hand Carved Bowls

Vintage inspired dough bowl carved out of pine wood. Not intended for wet food.  Sizes vary, but are approximately 19-21" Long x 7-10" Wide x 3.5" Tall.  Please allow us...

Calf Bucket

Metal buckets used to feed calves. Each bucket is rustic, dented, and has a hole in the bottom for drainage; perfect for planting. These buckets look great hanging on a...

European Olive Buckets

Vintage metal buckets from Turkey used for harvesting and cleaning freshly picked olives.  Rustic patina varies with each bucket.  Measure approximately 17.5" in Diameter x 16" Tall.   Please allow us to pick...

Turkey Feeder - 2 Piece

Rustic feeders perfect for planting or displaying candles. Also ideal as a bird feeder or hanging light.  The approximate size is 18" in Diameter x 22" Tall.  This feeder is 2-pieces, with...

Enamel Bucket - White - Medium

European metal bucket used for carrying water.  Shows slight signs of wear.  Measures approximately 11.5" in Diameter x 11.75" Tall.

Carved Wood Pots

Rustic, natural colored patina wood pot used for carrying water or milk.  Each pot is unique.  May not be water tight. 

Preserve Jars - Light Blue

Vintage La Lorraine light blue, French preserve jars.  One liter, thick glass used for pickling and canning.  Each jar is approximately 9" tall and show signs of wear, with rusty...

Bread Form

European wooden bread molds.  Boulangerie baker's bread form.  These forms were used to bake bread in the oven and show baking marks.  Repurpose these beauties as a bread basket.  Measure...

Milk Jug

Rustic European enamel container with lid.  Each jug has a wood grip handle.  These cute jugs show signs of wear, such as small chips & scratches.  Many of the jugs...

Grain Sack - Red & Blue Striping

Beautiful Hungarian vintage grain sack, ideal as a table runner or sewing project.  Each roll is 72" Long x 23" Wide. 

Grain Sack - Red Striping (3-Stripes)

Beautiful Hungarian grain sack, ideal as a table runner or sewing project.  Each roll is 72" Long x 21.5" Wide. 

Sap Cups - 3

Vintage inspired sap cups perfect for succulent planting.  Each cup measures approximately 3.25" in Diameter x 4" Tall.  Set of three cups per order.

Wine Press

European table top wine press from Hungary. Approximate measurements: 12” diameter x 22” tall.

Locker Basket

Antique metal baskets perfect to gather and display items.  Each basket has its own unique numbered tab and inscribed with "Kasper Wire Works, Shiner, Texas." The baskets were found in...

Chicken Nester

The nesters were originally from Texas, and make for ideal farm house accents for your backyard.  Each nester has a flip down wood roosting perch.  Measures approximately 5' Wide x...

European Butcher Block

Vintage butcher block from Hungary.  Two pieces, the top butcher block portion separates from the lower base for ease of transport.  Measures approximately 21.5" Wide x 21.5" Deep x 31.75"...

Gift Card

Ideal for gifting a special friend or loved one.  Gift cards are available in any amount.  To order a gift card please click on the "Contact Us" page from the menu at...

Wood Bowls - Small

Shallow sun bleached teak vintage bowls.  Each hand carved bowl is unique.  Approximate size is: 10" Diameter x 2” Tall. Please allow us to choose a bowl for you.

Grain Sack - Red Striping (2-Stripes)

Beautiful Hungarian grain sack, ideal as a table runner or sewing project.  Each roll is 72" Long x 21.5" Wide. 

Paper Mache Bowls

Beautiful handmade European paper mache bowls.  Loaded with patina.  Each bowl is neutral in color and textured and because they were handmade some may have an uneven rim, which only...

French Water Pitcher

French zinc water pitcher.  Amazing patina with few rust spots. These containers appear to be water tight.

Elm Wood Accent Table

These round vintage tables are ideal as a side table to hold your favorite beverage or plant.  Sizes vary, but are approximately 20" in Diameter and 20.5" Tall. This item...

African Vintage Cow Bells

Vintage African cow bells.  These bells were used as an old fashion GPS, helping ranchers to track their cows.  Each bell has its own distinct ring.  They are worn, rustic,...

Turkish Olive Jars

Beautiful hand-made rustic white terracotta pottery.  The paint on each of these vintage pots have a worn patina, and have one handle.  These pots are ideal for decorating your home...

French Terracotta Pots - Set of 3

Beautiful French hand-made terracotta pots.  These pots are rustic - some may have chipping on the rim but none have cracks.  Each pot is approximately 2.75" - 4" tall.  Please...

Tractor Spacers

Used on tractors to space each plowing disc, farmers discarded these cast iron spool looking treasures. They are perfect as a candle holder to adorn your table or mantel.  A...

Turkey Feeder - 3 Piece

Rustic feeders perfect for planting or displaying candles. Also ideal as a bird feeder.  The approximate size is 18" in Diameter x 16" Tall.  This feeder is 3-pieces, with the top tray...

Glossy Chinese Oil Pots

Stunning glossy black pottery.  Ideal for arrangements, shelves, or standing alone.  Each vary in height from 15-18" tall.    This item can not be shipped and is available for LOCAL PICK...

Painting - Horse on Barn Door

Beautiful, very detailed stallion hand painted on a rustic barn door.  This local artist specializes in animal paintings and has loaned his unique artistic skills to our farm style design...

Stool - Elm Wood (Round Top)

Adorable vintage elm wood stool imported from Asia.  These stools appear worn and present a rustic feel, and will be a warm addition to your home.

Side Table

These imported wood stumps were once used asantique ceiling beams and fashioned into eye catching side tables.  Each measures approximately 19" tall with a diameter of __.  Their cool wood coloring...

Stool - Mini Elm Wood (Round Top)

Adorable vintage elm wood mini stools imported from Asia.  These stools appear worn and present a rustic feel.  They are perfect for decorating your shelves or as a riser on...

Baskets - Willow Vegetable

Vintage baskets that were used to carry vegetables from the market.  They are woven willow with wooden handles.  Each measures approximately 24" tall and 15" in diameter. This item can...

Brick Molds

These rustic antique wood brick molds offer great patina.  They have multiple uses as a catch all on your table, in the kitchen for your spices & oils, and for...

Buffet - Elm Wood

  Antique elm wood buffet imported from Asia.  This one of a kind antique buffet has beautiful patina and rustic handles.  Added shelving provides for extra shortage.  It measures approximately...

Console Table - Elm Wood

These antique one of a kind elm wood console tables offer rich patina and beautiful characteristics.  They will be a great addition to any home.  We have three of these...

Benches - Elm Wood

  Beautiful vintage elm wood benches; perfect for your farmhouse table, mud room, or bedroom. They are made from old elm wood doors.  These benches compliment any style home and...

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